Hand block printing process

My Hand Block Printing Adventures 101

I have been printing a lot lately. For me crafting, block printing and creating something beautiful is more than just a hobby. For me it is mediation and I feel so relaxed and energetic after making something related fabrics and printing.
I have been printing for couple of days now. I have made many beautiful fabrics and garments for kids in the extended family. Here are few of my new creations:



Apple Green hand block print pattern made using a wooden block by DesiCrafts

Hand block printed fabric made using Indian Tree pattern wooden stamp

To print this, DesiCrafts used dark Green and Yellow Dye and made this lovely Apple Green dye. Isn't it beautiful?

This is the bag I have made using wooden stamp in Tree pattern as shown above. To print this, I used dark Green and Yellow Dye and made this lovely Apple Green dye. Isn’t it beautiful?

Apple Green color Elephant looks so pretty :)

This is an elephant wooden stamp a client gifted us when she was visiting DesiCrafts office in India

The favor bag in Apple Green elephants pattern  by DesiCrafts

The favor bag in Apple Green elephants pattern

Another Geometric pattern in Apple Green. I know many of them have not seen this one before. Yes, this is a new pattern by DesiCrafts

Another Geometric pattern in Apple Green. I know many of them have not seen this one before. Yes, this is a new pattern.

The bag made using Apple Green geometric circle wooden stamp by DesiCrafts

The bag printed using Apple Green geometric circle wooden stamp

These bags are available for purchase (and for bulk / custom order in your choice of color too) at my website www.desicraftshop.com or go to website’s bags and purses category here : http://www.desicraftshop.com/collections/bags-and-purses

Featured Artist – Hagar Arnon Elbaz

I have been admiring her beautiful handmade jewellery for quite some time. Hagar Arnon Elbaz is the owner of Gilgulim- Designer handcrafted fashion jewelry. As Hagar would describe her jewellery – I design soft jewels for women who dare to be different.

According to Wikipedia, in Hebrew, the word gilgul means “cycle” and neshamot is the plural for “souls. Souls are seen to “cycle” through “lives” or “incarnations”, being attached to different human bodies over time.

Hagar working on a new design

Hagar working on a new design

Born and raised in the holy city of Jeruslam, Hagar Arnon is the owner and designer of all handmade jewellery that a very unique jewellery store called Gillium provides.

Hagar’s jewellery is made using textiles that she collect or buy from different shops all around the world. One can easily notice the variety and colorfulness in her jewellery. She carefully chooses the  fabrics, cut them into stripes and then sew them to form lovely shapes later to be used as beads in her handmade jewellry.

A beautiful necklace made by Hagar

A beautiful necklace made by Hagar


A full time eco-friendly jewellery designer Hagar is mother of three daughters and wife to a loving husband. You can find more about Hagar and her beautiful alternative jewellery here

Here are few more handmade pieces from Hagar’s online shop.

Browse through her Facebook page Or follow Hagar on Pinterest or Flikr 

Stay updated about Hagar through her Blog
Buy Hagar’s beautiful handmade jewellery at her shop.


A Very Happy and Colorful Holi to All of You!

A Very Happy and Colorful Holi to All of You!

Holi in Vrindavan. Image credit: http://goindia.about.com

Read more by DesiCrafts on Holi here: http://desicraft.blogspot.in/2014/03/holi-holidays-gifts-colors-and-lots-of.html

And read a rather elaborated piece on the festival of colors here: http://www.desicraftshop.com/blogs/desicrafts

Phulkari – A Rich Heritage of Punjab

Ih phulkari meri maan ne kadhi, iss noo ghut ghut japhiyan paawan
(“My dear mother has embroidered this phulkari with her hands, I embrace it again and again with affection) These are lines from a traditional Punjabi song in which a woman is admiring her Phulkari dupatta. The woman had to to leave her parent’s house after getting married, and now she remembers her mother who has embroidered this dupatta for her wedding day.

We were in Punjab recently and have collected some Phulkari treasure made by rural women of Punjab.

The fabric that we’ve featured here are hand embroidered by ladies in Punjab. The embroidery on these fabrics is known as ‘Phulkari’ or ‘Phoolkari’ (dev nagri फुलकारी ) which means the art of making flowers.

Although, Phulkari is done over a thick cotton fabric, we have used pure silk fabrics for these sample pieces.  Keep visiting to know more about this art and while we write another blog post on Phulkari, please enjoy a wikipedia article about this art here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phulkari

Featured DesiArtist: Gunjan Aylawadi

We love handmade and we admire anything that is made using organic materials.

While browsing the internet we came across this talented paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi. Gunjan is a paper artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Paper artist Aylawadi with her lovely wall art made of paper

Paper artist Aylawadi with her lovely wall art made of paper

By employing a unique method of paper cutting and curling, she adds layers of texture and sculptural form to her hand drawn art and this is how these beautiful creations are made.

Work in Progress - Gunjan Aylawadi

Work in Progress – Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan is a certified paper artist . According to Gunjan “I developed this method of using paper after spending a long time exploring paper sculptures. This process stuck because of the rich detail it adds to my ideas and forms.”

Her awesome paper artwork is available for sale at Saatchi

Here are few more pictures from Gunjan’s facebook pageA close-up - Gunjan Aylawadi's paper artwork

A close-up – Gunjan Aylawadi’s paper artwork
A wall art made using paper by Gunjan Aylawadi

A wall art made using paper by Gunjan AylawadiMore from the workshop-Gunjan Aylawadi

More from the workshop-Gunjan Aylawadi

To view and appreciate more of Gunjan’s work, please visit http://gunjanaylawadi.com/

Alert : New Look of Our Website

Hello there!

Happy New Year to all of you :)

Yes, we admit…We admit that we change our website too often and this is one of those times when we announce the new look of our website.

Despite of the last re-do of our website, we realized that it was still pretty slow and we decided it is the time to move when we started receiving complaints from the customers about orders not going through, website too slow to operate etc.

So we analyzed many service providers and finally moved to a better and faster platform to serve you better.

Now DesiCrafts website is:

Faster – The website load time has decreased wonderfully and thanks to CDNs we are able to deliver you our content faster, no matter what is your location on this earth {pretty awesome, we know :D}

Smoother – New platform ensures that while you place an order, it goes smoothly and the registration process is easy for you.

Interactive – Now we have made it even more easier for you to share your favorite products with your friends and family. On each product page, you get ‘Pin it’, ‘Facebook like’, ‘Tweet’, and ‘Google+’ button for easy sharing. The website works really nice on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Blog – Yes, this time we have integrated a Desi blog too! Now its easy to get on the Desi Bandwagon – join our blog here http://www.desicraftshop.com/blogs/desicrafts , comment and share the DIY and awesome blog pieces.

So, the work is still on and here is a sneak-peek of what we’ve been up to. We’ll be adding a wide range of products very soon. Keep visiting, surprise yourself!

Indian Silk Fabrics - Variety available at www.desicraftshop.com

Indian Silk Fabrics – Variety available at http://www.desicraftshop.com

We tried multiple banners and work is still on!

We tried multiple banners and work is still on!

DesiCrafts New Wesbite

Recently we redesigned our website and moved to a faster platform to serve you better.

FlipBoard Subscribers Promotion : Surprise Gift Giveaway Ended

DesiCrafts Blog - Block Printed Indian Cotton Fabrics

Dear Friends on Facebook, Blog, Website and at Social Media Platforms,

A very happy new year to all of you :)

Last month, we have launched a surprise giveaway for the early subscribers of our FlipBoard. Last month we received six enthusiast readers who claimed their surprise gifts.

We would like to announce that the FlipBoard Subscriber Promotion Giveaway is over now and subscribers who have confirmed their addresses, will receive their gifts soon.

Those who were not able to participate in this giveaway are requested to keep visiting our Facebook and Blog to stay informed about the latest giveaway.

Thank you so much for being part of DesiCrafts
Have a lovely 2014 :)