DIY: Your own lace embellishment using pom pom and beads

Material Required: 

  1. Few wooden beads (the quantity depends upon how long lace you want to make)
  2. A cotton fabric strip (I took pure cotton khadi fabric strip of orange shade. You can choose silk , cotton or any other material)
  3. Needle and matching threads
  4. Pompoms (single or multi colored)


Take the fabric strip and start tucking the pompoms and beads as shown in the picture. Repeat the steps for longer lengths.


I am in love with these stones




I bought these semi-precious stones from a jewelry shop in West Bengal, Kolkata, India. I was not sure I would buy them. But after observing their beauty closely, I found them attractive and decided to buy (even after being undecided about what would I do with these!)

I would love to get few DIY ideas to make something beautiful using these stones.