DIY wedding brooches and hair clips

As told in our last post, we have been working on a project for a client who is getting married next month. We got the pin backs for brooches from CraftsUtopia on Etsy and have made these brooches. We are sharing the DIY with our readers here. So here we go:


Materials required:

1. Shimmer net fabric (available at our store)

2. Sew on applique of ย different shapes (available at our store)

3. Pin backs

4. Matching silk threads (available at our store)

5. Needle and Hot glue gun

6. Felt pieces of matching colors (we took blue and shocking pink, as suggested by our client)


Cut the shimmery net fabric into 6×3 inches pieces. If you want to make the brooch bigger, you will have to cut the fabric in bigger proportion.

Cut shimmer net fabric into 5x3 inches pieces


Now cut the felt into small round shape which makes the backing for the pin back. See the picture. We sew the pin back onto round shape felt piece to make it last longer. You can directly stick it on the felt using hot glue gun.

Prepare backing for pinback before making brooches


Take the shimmer fabric strips and start making thin fan-folds (as we used to make when we were kids. The only difference is then we used paper and now it is fabric) and make a few tucks in the mid of each fan so that it doesn’t come back to previous position. This is your backing to put behind sew on applique.

Backing for sew on applique

Plug-in the glue gun and switch it on to let the glue melt and get ready for the next step, while you prepare the backing for the applique.

Final step


Now apply some glue on the reverse side (felt surface) of the pin back and stick it well on the reverse side of the shimmer net fabric shape.


On front or right surface of the shimmer net fabric shape, apply your preferred sew on applique shape with the help of hot glue gun. Press it with thumb and fingers and let it set well. Now trim the rough edges of the shape with sharp edged scissors.

Your own wedding brooches are ready. To make them look really pro, you can tuck them on cards with beautiful tags etc. and put them in a a decorative tray on the D day.


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