Holy Cow!!! Dancing peacock, Aman ki aasha and what not… Only at Dilli Haat

This cow stands still as we enter the Dilli Haat situated near INA market in New Delhi.

Dilli-haat in INA, New Delhi is place worth visiting. It is a place where I have spent many summer evenings over a cup of coffee or chilled fruit beer. These pictures are from 2010 when an Indian News Paper Times of India was running its “Aman Ki Aasha” campaign (a campaign to bring the artists of India and Pakistan together).

This statue of a cow standing in front of entrance says a lot about India – the country obsessed with Cows, elephants, snakes and of course The Bollywood. The posterior of the cow has a fine depiction of lord Ganesha – Indian Deity of good luck.The trunk has a painting of lord Shiva- the god of creation and destruction; lord Shiva stands still on the cow’s trunk with his wife ‘Parwati’ – the mother of all goddesses. Rest of the cow’s body is covered by all Bollywood hunks and sweeties who have been our sweet hearts even after delivering one flop followed by another. What I don’t understand is how a statue of a painted cow is relevant to Indo-Pak peace mission!!! Anyway, never mind since I like this “Holy Cow”.

The Peacock hanging at Dilling Haat – Made by artisans in Rajasthan, Jaipur. These peacock wall hangings are made of plaster of paris, colored by artisans of Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. These artists were visiting Dilli Haat for a month and they have put up a stall in a sunny corner of Dilli Haat market.

Since it was festive season and Diwali was around, these Torans or door decor were high on sale. There were various kinds of wall decor, from small size corner decor to big size door hangings. I loved them all and wanted to bring along. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough storage space so I manged buying twenty of them. These Torans or Door decors will be up for sale on my website soon.

Torans or Door Decor made by Gujrat artisans – were on sale at Dilli Haat

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