The Making of Indian Block Print Fabric



Organic cotton fabric with fish block print

Organic cotton fabric with fish block print

Organic cotton fabric with fish block print

Organic cotton fabric with fish block print


Organic cotton fabric with floral block print

Organic cotton fabric with floral block print


Handmade cotton - printed fabric from India

Handmade cotton – printed fabric from India


How to differentiate the real vintage Indian silk clothing from the fake ones!

Hello Crafters and Vintage lovers,

Now this post could be of great importance of you if you are vintage silk lover won’t hesitate to spend a few $ more just because you think what you are buying is Vintage.

We are from India and we know how few seller could really fake the vintage silk clothing. So, long tips cut short, here are few steps to make sure what you are buying is real vintage silk:

1. How to find out that a fabric / cloth piece is made of real silk : cut a small piece of fabric you want to test and burn it. If it smells similar as human hair smells after burning, it is real silk. It might melt like plastic if it has artificial Zari and Polyester silk yarn content in it. 

2. Why some Indian zari work in vintage silk clothing becomes dull and dark and faded: zari in vintage clothing used to fade and darken because real silver was used to make the zari thread. Now a days, it won’t fade or darken because artisans don’t use silver zari anymore mainly due to two reasons-

a). Higher costs of making the fabric

b). Need to polish it every time you want to wear it.

Banarasi silk fabric

Chanderi silk fabric from India


3. How to test if the Banaras Sari that you have bought is pure silk with real silver zari: very easy. During the burn test, if the zari melts like plastic, it is no way pure silver zari. The clothing with real silver zari willl leave the silver traces in the ashes once the fabric is burnt.

Damask weaving brocade from India


4. The darkness test: another way to test the zari work of vintage clothing and Banaras sari fabric is to see the condition of the zari. If the zari is darkened and faded in some areas, it could be real silver (that means the fabric or clothing is vintage) Silver is a metal that reacts with the air present in the atmosphere and changes its color if left open for some time (like a day or two). After polishing, it comes back to it’s original shiny silver color.


Hope these tips will help you next time when you shop vintage clothing and sari fabrics!

Handmade Organic Fabric : blessings from India in making

So, I have been busy in making this hand block printed fabric for quite some time. And that is why I was not able to make any post on this blog. I was feeling a bit guilty for ignoring my blog for so long but the outcome has really made me happy and out of guilt again 😉

So, the fabric is on shelves at my Etsy Shop. Available for sale and custom orders.


The color palette : Green is the color of spring season


A zoomed view : I can see each thread and the deep hues


A well treated, handmade paisley block print fabric : it’s so calming to see your own idea taking shape


A finished product : a scarf made from hand block printed fabric

voile fabric

Handmade paisley block print over organic cotton voile fabric


From the other dimension