New Collection of Hand Carved Wooden Stamps from South Africa

These are hand carved wooden stamps from South Africa, we recently procured from one of our suppliers. We don’t know when, but we plan to make some really serious organic fabric using these wooden stamps 😉

These will be printed on order. We use plain white cotton, colored cotton, Ahimsa or Khadi fabric, organic cotton fabric, muslin fabric and pure silks for printing. Choose the color and pattern and write to us at to place an order.

Raj paisley with an African twist
Hand carved big size paisley stamp from South Africa
Looks like hemp flower – its better to call it floral carving stamp
This one looks like an African parrot
This must be a crocodile
Small flower
This is definetely a horse. We are going to make some beautiful fabrics using this one 😀
Looks like an eagle. Could be a parrot too!
Ah yes! This is a peacock 😛
This is elle – belly Elephant 😛
This is a nice design for making borders and filling the odd spaces
Lucky turtle will bring us more luck

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