Woven Pom Pom Necklace : DIY Tutorial by OperationOverhaul

Operation Overhaul is a DIY inspiration site based in Singapore run by two crafty kids – Ros & Juu. The DIY necklace post that we are sharing with you is latest project by OOH (OperationOverHaul). We are posting it as it is on our blog. Enjoy the tutorial 😉

As a continuation from the last post by Juu on her statement necklace, I went on to make a slightly different version of my own!


  • 3 chains, 15″ each
  • 3 sets of embroidery floss, 30″ each
  • Neon pink cord, 30″
  • Pom pom trim, 16″
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Needle and thread (not pictured)

1. Tie a knot at the beginning of your first chain using all 3 sets of embroidery floss. Weave it through the beginning of your second chain and back, then weaving diagonally through the top left chain.

2. Repeat step 1 till the end of both chains.

3. At the end of both chains, weave the floss to and fro the last two chains several times before securing with a knot.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 using the neon pink cord and third chain.

5. Place the pom pom trim under your bottom chain. Secure it by sewing them together.

6. Finish off by attaching your lobster clasp and jump rings.

You can play around with the colours and textures of the materials, or simply make a shorter version to wear as a bracelet. Have a great week ahead!


4 thoughts on “Woven Pom Pom Necklace : DIY Tutorial by OperationOverhaul

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  2. It;s hard to find supplies in India. Could you name stores in mumbai where I can find metal chains and other findings?

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