Phulkari – A Rich Heritage of Punjab

Ih phulkari meri maan ne kadhi, iss noo ghut ghut japhiyan paawan
(“My dear mother has embroidered this phulkari with her hands, I embrace it again and again with affection) These are lines from a traditional Punjabi song in which a woman is admiring her Phulkari dupatta. The woman had to to leave her parent’s house after getting married, and now she remembers her mother who has embroidered this dupatta for her wedding day.

We were in Punjab recently and have collected some Phulkari treasure made by rural women of Punjab.

The fabric that we’ve featured here are hand embroidered by ladies in Punjab. The embroidery on these fabrics is known as ‘Phulkari’ or ‘Phoolkari’ (dev nagri फुलकारी ) which means the art of making flowers.

Although, Phulkari is done over a thick cotton fabric, we have used pure silk fabrics for these sample pieces.  Keep visiting to know more about this art and while we write another blog post on Phulkari, please enjoy a wikipedia article about this art here: