Happy 7oth Independence Day India

Happy 70th Independence Day to India 🙂

Let’s celebrate the freedom with the true sprit of tricolor 🙂



A guide To Marsala : Pantone Color Of The Year 2015

It’s official now, Marsala is the Pantone color of the year 2015 and so it is talk of the fashion town lately. While fashion and Interior designers are busy in creating new range of fashion, beauty and luxury products, fashionistas have started started planning in advance so as to what they will buy for home, kids and for themselves when their favourite products finally hit the market. Fashion and beauty blogs are on fire and getting loads of attention for this hot Sicilian color, named after a wine.

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Pantone color of the year 2015 – Marsala – All about Marsala –  The color –  How to mix

How to Make a Reddit 404 Pillow Cover Using Batik Print Technique

An elaborated 7 steps tutorial by DesiCrafts  on how to DIY Reddit Snoo pillow cover. To read full tutorial, please visit: DesiCrafts blog The Culture Central

Reddit DIY Pillow Cover by DesiCrafts

How to make Reddit alien ‘Snoo’ pillow cover using Batik or Wax printing technique – a tutorial by DesiCrafts

Hand block printing process

My Hand Block Printing Adventures 101

I have been printing a lot lately. For me crafting, block printing and creating something beautiful is more than just a hobby. For me it is mediation and I feel so relaxed and energetic after making something related fabrics and printing.
I have been printing for couple of days now. I have made many beautiful fabrics and garments for kids in the extended family. Here are few of my new creations:



Apple Green hand block print pattern made using a wooden block by DesiCrafts

Hand block printed fabric made using Indian Tree pattern wooden stamp

To print this, DesiCrafts used dark Green and Yellow Dye and made this lovely Apple Green dye. Isn't it beautiful?

This is the bag I have made using wooden stamp in Tree pattern as shown above. To print this, I used dark Green and Yellow Dye and made this lovely Apple Green dye. Isn’t it beautiful?

Apple Green color Elephant looks so pretty :)

This is an elephant wooden stamp a client gifted us when she was visiting DesiCrafts office in India

The favor bag in Apple Green elephants pattern  by DesiCrafts

The favor bag in Apple Green elephants pattern

Another Geometric pattern in Apple Green. I know many of them have not seen this one before. Yes, this is a new pattern by DesiCrafts

Another Geometric pattern in Apple Green. I know many of them have not seen this one before. Yes, this is a new pattern.

The bag made using Apple Green geometric circle wooden stamp by DesiCrafts

The bag printed using Apple Green geometric circle wooden stamp

These bags are available for purchase (and for bulk / custom order in your choice of color too) at my website www.desicraftshop.com or go to website’s bags and purses category here : http://www.desicraftshop.com/collections/bags-and-purses

A Very Happy and Colorful Holi to All of You!

A Very Happy and Colorful Holi to All of You!

Holi in Vrindavan. Image credit: http://goindia.about.com

Read more by DesiCrafts on Holi here: http://desicraft.blogspot.in/2014/03/holi-holidays-gifts-colors-and-lots-of.html

And read a rather elaborated piece on the festival of colors here: http://www.desicraftshop.com/blogs/desicrafts

Woven Pom Pom Necklace : DIY Tutorial by OperationOverhaul

Operation Overhaul is a DIY inspiration site based in Singapore run by two crafty kids – Ros & Juu. The DIY necklace post that we are sharing with you is latest project by OOH (OperationOverHaul). We are posting it as it is on our blog. Enjoy the tutorial 😉

As a continuation from the last post by Juu on her statement necklace, I went on to make a slightly different version of my own!


  • 3 chains, 15″ each
  • 3 sets of embroidery floss, 30″ each
  • Neon pink cord, 30″
  • Pom pom trim, 16″
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Needle and thread (not pictured)

1. Tie a knot at the beginning of your first chain using all 3 sets of embroidery floss. Weave it through the beginning of your second chain and back, then weaving diagonally through the top left chain.

2. Repeat step 1 till the end of both chains.

3. At the end of both chains, weave the floss to and fro the last two chains several times before securing with a knot.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 using the neon pink cord and third chain.

5. Place the pom pom trim under your bottom chain. Secure it by sewing them together.

6. Finish off by attaching your lobster clasp and jump rings.

You can play around with the colours and textures of the materials, or simply make a shorter version to wear as a bracelet. Have a great week ahead!

Pure silk fabrics from India – Buy online Ikat Silk or Pochampally silk fabrics from South India

Indian Silk fabrics are world famous for their colors, variety in texture and designs. Indian Ikat Silk is one of the fabrics that is always admired by the fashion designers around the world. Ikat silk has lovely patterns in extremely beautiful colors. Ikat dying started as  resist dying which is similar to tie-dye technique. According to Wikipedia, term Ikat is derived from the Malay word mengikat  that means “To Tie”. Ikat silk in India is either woven on a handloom or printed by the machines.

Ikat is a traditional textile weaving art common to many cultures worldwide. Likely, it is one of the oldest forms of textile weaving. Ikat has been nurtured world over by the experienced hands of Ikat weaving artists from India, Burma, Indonesia,Cambodia, Central and South Amarica and Uzbekistan with a long history of Ikat production.

In India, Ikat silk is also known as Pochampalli silk fabric. Pochampally or Pochampalli is the name of a place in south India where Ikat silk is produced. Here is a collection of lovely Ikat fabrics that found while selecting and procuring fabrics for one of our customers from Europe. The handloom or Tanta looks as shown in the picture below:

Printed Ikat Silk in Indigo, White and Blue

Spring Green Ikat Silk Fabric from India – Lovley Colors Such as Yellow and Green Make it Look Amazing

Brown, Yellow and Green – Printed Ikat Silk Fabric, Made in India

Onion Pink, Green, Yellow and Brown Ikat pattern on a Silk Fabric

Simply Awesome Golden Brown and Yellow Ikat Silk with a Hint of Red

Sea Green and Brown, Traditional Ikat Pattern on a Pure Silk Fabric from India

Sea Green and Brown Ikat Silk

Emerald Green, Yellow and White Ikat Silk Fabric

Maroon, Yellow, White and Green Ikat Silk Fabric from India

File:Sambalpuri Ikat weaving loom (Tanta) from Odisha.jpg

Sambalpuri Ikat weaving loom (Tanta) from Odisha (source: Wikipedia)

Contact us at info@desicraftshop.com for authentic Indian Ikat Silk supply worldwide.
Visit our website www.desicraftshop.com for authentic Indian block print fabrics and craft supply items.