Featured Artist – Hagar Arnon Elbaz

I have been admiring her beautiful handmade jewellery for quite some time. Hagar Arnon Elbaz is the owner of Gilgulim- Designer handcrafted fashion jewelry. As Hagar would describe her jewellery – I design soft jewels for women who dare to be different.

According to Wikipedia, in Hebrew, the word gilgul means “cycle” and neshamot is the plural for “souls. Souls are seen to “cycle” through “lives” or “incarnations”, being attached to different human bodies over time.

Hagar working on a new design

Hagar working on a new design

Born and raised in the holy city of Jeruslam, Hagar Arnon is the owner and designer of all handmade jewellery that a very unique jewellery store called Gillium provides.

Hagar’s jewellery is made using textiles that she collect or buy from different shops all around the world. One can easily notice the variety and colorfulness in her jewellery. She carefully chooses the  fabrics, cut them into stripes and then sew them to form lovely shapes later to be used as beads in her handmade jewellry.

A beautiful necklace made by Hagar

A beautiful necklace made by Hagar


A full time eco-friendly jewellery designer Hagar is mother of three daughters and wife to a loving husband. You can find more about Hagar and her beautiful alternative jewellery here

Here are few more handmade pieces from Hagar’s online shop.

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